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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 20, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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at the hilton baltimore causing a collapse and flooding part of the underground ambulance entrance at johns hopkins hospital. >> there was no water. it came out of nowhere. the water was high up to the sidewalk. everything was floating in the street. flash flood conditions almost like. the water was running down the street. we saw the newspaper stands rolling down the road. >> the pirate ship was anything but when the coast guard warned the private chart tore return to the dock just in the nick of time. >> we are lucky to get in when we did, it was 50, 60 miles an hour winds , the rain was coming sideways down the street and reports of flooding. something we are used to when there is a lot of rain but still unexpected. >> reporter: jeff hager, abc2 news. the flooding did damage at
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the sheridan downtown. one guest went through three separate rooms with water damage. eddie thought the third room he was moved to a presidential suite would be damage suite. >> it had significant rain damage, flooding throughout the apartment after 15, 20 minutes in the apartment , the ceiling started to collapse in the second guest room falling onto the bed and water damage continued to accumulate. they moved news to north tow tore get -- moved us in to the north tower. >> walsh says after midnight by the time he was moved to a safe dry room. >> that's annoying. >> i hope they comped him that room. scattered showers. most not detected on the radar. towards the north and west, notice the slow moving cluster of showers and thunderstorms showing up on our lightning
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tracker, it's about 4 hours away as it drifts towards the south and east. we could feature the idea of scattered shower, perhaps flash flooding. that th is the radar. we can look at storms and try to see what they look like in the next couple of hours. it's showing this band towards the baltimore viewing area. be aware we have scattered showers and storms out there and that's why we will maintain the flash flood watch until 11:00 tonight. 73 degrees now, 75 easton. salisbury pushing near 80, they didn't see much of the rain this afternoon. in terms of the forecast for the rest of the evening, 70s, cloudy and showers, across the area. we will get down in to the 60s for tonight. on the big boards, clouds, showers out there, those are drying line, -- there is a drying line, up state knock and that comes in to our area as we head towards the weekend. a good looking weekend forecast, we will share that
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with you coming up in a little bit. >> in the light of day, sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle. at night the south jetty fades in to the dark water and becomes what some consider a massive hazard to boaters. abc2 news is getting action from friends of a man killed in an accident there. >> reporter: when divers hit the water on the memorial day weekend, keith o'brian had hope his best buddy would turn up alive. >> i had a friend give me a call that they were in a boating accident. dave was missing. they were trying to find him. i knew that wasn't good. >> reporter: wp hours the body of 43-year-old dave whit low was found and the light he brought to keith's life was lost. >> it was like shall be, we came in to the room, he had the big smile. he loved life the fullest. there is no one i know that
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enjoyed life and grabbed it as much as he did. >> reporter: he loved life and the water and that's where he spent his last hours boating with friends in queen ann's county. before midnight, may 27th, he was thrown from a boston wailer after it crashed head on in to this jetty. >> they didn't see the wall. >> reporter: the back and front of the south jetty are unlit. it sits like a guard against the waves across the length. algae covered blocks blending in during the day and at night, each one reported 1000-pound blocks becomes nearly invisible. there is no lighting. you can't see it against the backdrop of the arrows lights itself. >> reporter: master captain has cruised it for 17 years traveling in and out of the channel 100 times a year. his boat is too big to get near the jetty but he says some boaters in smaller vessels push
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in, riding up on the sea wall in the dark of night, never noticing it was there. >> it hard to see against the backdrop of the bridge. that's where they have trouble. >> reporter: dave and his friends aren't the only ones, department of natural resources police tell us that since 2003, there have been 3 serious wrecks here at the south jetty, with 6 people hurt, and one person killed. that one death keith says should be all it takes to light up this wall. >> there has been three accidents, a fatality. one death, what do you have to have three deaths to meet a mark to have you have to put lights on it or five deaths? >> reporter: one is enough for this commissioner. >> it's a shame it takes an event like this but i think it's important that something be done. >> reporter: he wants to see lights on the jetty, calling it a navigational hazard. as for who puts them there, that's another story. he sent letters to dnr, army
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corps of engineers, the coast guard, asking for a solution. >> to see what we need to be doing to make this the narrows safe when it comes to boating at night. >> they got to figure out who owns it. the army corps says dnr built the jetty and maintains it. dnr says they gave the county a grant to build the wall in 75 so they own it. the coast guard points to queen anns county government but they say it's not their property. >> you can see the tip out there. >> reporter: keith doesn't want time wasted on arguments, he wants to shine a light on this wall in his friend's honor to prevent anyone else from feeling the darkness of losing someone they love. >> he was a special guy. he loved people. he had a big ole smile. he wouldn't want this to happen to another family. >> the wreck was investigated
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by dnr police, alcohol was not a factor. dnr rep tells us the county could aplay for a grant to pay for them but the county would have to install and maintain them. you are driving along, minding your own business when a tree falls on top of your car. it happened to a man in rhode island. how the driver is doing after this scary close call. the dog napping caught on tape. where mr. macho was taken from and how the thieves were caught. take a look, we are 73 in town and cloudy. we have showers and storms that we are monitoring towards southwestern pennsylvania. we will see if it survive as trip in to the area. @ [ barks ]
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what would you do if you are driving down the street and a tree falls on your car? a tree snapped and came on his car, stopped him in his tracks. witnesses pulled the driver out and he walked away without a scratch. the car much more than a scratch. a couple in utah escapes police custody, officers put straton
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in a holding cell, her partner in crime, joseph, escaped from the back of a police car by getting his handcuffs out and kicked out a window. police left a woman to pursue the man. she escaped. the man is still on the run what a mess. the couple is accused of stealing the personal information of more than 250 people. two teens in washington state were caught trying to steal a dog from a local animal shelter. they were spotted looking around for grabbing a chihuahua named mr. macho. they used a backpack to sneak him out. employees noticed something was up and chased the girls. investigators think the girls took the dog to try to sell him. he is now safe in his kennel. they put the politics to the side as the nation reacts to the deadly shooting outside denver, colorado. president obama and mitt romney
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took a break to weigh in on the tragedy. we will hear what they have to say. you know how to detect email scams, what should you know about search engines to protect your computer? [ snoring ]
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you go to hershey park for the rides, they also have a great zoo at hershey park. wyatt everhart is live tonight at hershey park and we hear he has interesting friends with him. he is wyatt everhart the gator wrestler. >> reporter: people don't know, if they haven't be here, there is more than the coasters, you are by sky rush, we got zoo america, the chocolate tour, we
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have a falcon, i'm with elain with zoo america and our good friend, yoshi. are you happy to be on the news? >> he is quiet today. >> he is happy and grinning >> reporter: murray, you are doing fine, too. tell us what people can experience here at zoo america. >> thank you. zoo america is a north american zoo. you can see over 70 different species of animals that can be found on our continent. everything from bears, mountain lions, bald eagles and more. >> reporter: tell us about the falcon, this is an endangered species. >> it's not on the federal list anymore. that's a good thing. they've made a tremendous come back. they are still considered to be endangered in the state of
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pennsylvania. this is the fastest bird in the world. they have been clocked at over 150 miles per hour. all the way up to 200 map. 200 miles per hour? >> this is faster than hershey park's new ride , the sky rush. >> reporter: thank you so much for binging out our good friends here, again, it's something that you can come see. alligators, falcons that are faster than the coasters, you name it. it's available here at hershey park. it's cloudy today, it's always a little sunny here in hershey park. what to you think of my good friend? >> he is freaking me out. you are making me nervous. we will let you get back to dealing with that. more nervous than the roller coaster. you have it under control. >> reporter: looks like it's in attack mode.
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here we go, talking about the weather. frederick, damp gloomy day across the area. most of the area seeing the clouds, showers, passing showers. we will stop at man chester. decent amount of fog, look at the low clouds during the course of the afternoon, few spot showers mount airy and all of carol and baltimore county. 73 degrees in town. 77 dc. eastern show numbers between 72- 77. we saw a peak of sunshine, there is our dew point values, that measures is amount of moisture in the atmosphere, that's running high. a slight muggy feel to the air out there. the amount of moisture out this, if we get a thunderstorm, could produce flash flooding. the weather service put out flash flood watch, we are watching the radar, watching the potential, maybe flash flooding during the course of the evening. clouds out theres that's the theme to the forecast.
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we are going to watch a few passing showers. showers in the foe, through 11:00, temperature and 69 degrees. we will wake up to the clouds and showers across the area. maybe a spot downpour, temperature going to 69. partial clearing during the course of the afternoon tomorrow. that should allow the temperatures to get in to the lower 80s. maryland's most powerful radar, showers and storms starting to fire up, about four hours away. later, going in to tonight, we could see maybe downpours, you could see on maryland's most powerful, radar scan, showing the scattered showers in to the area from the west to the east. we saw how the storms boiled up after the 8:00 hour. 60s, that's impressive for new york city. 64 degrees. the heat we were talking about last week, earlier this week, i should say, look at it towards the west, 105 kansas city. 100 in dallas. this is going to come back at
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us but not as intense as we saw this week. stationary front on top of us. clouds and showers through tonight and tomorrow we will see the sunshine, the best sunshine , the full on sunshine we like to see, that comes in to play as we head in to sunday. 67 degrees, cloudy, scattered showers. tomorrow 2-degree guarantee, 82. more sunshine, bringing the high much warmer, we will keep an eye on that. a mixture of sunshine. seven-day forecast showing us, humid conditions today. the weekend is not that bad. if you all the sunshine, sunday is the deal. 86 degrees, more humid monday and tuesday, back in to the 90s. 91 monday, 92 tuesday. we laugh at the 90s. >> we lived through much worse, this is nothing. what've. here is another thing, sunset
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is now earlier than 8:30. >> here i was going to congratulate you for bringing good news. switching gears to democracy 2012. mitt romney and president obama held campaign events today, but set aside politics in the aftermath of the colorado shooting. torey dunnan is live in washington. how did each candidate react to the tragedy? >> reporter: both candidates knew the day was not the day for political speeches and focused on message of unity. >> this i think is a day for prayer and reflection. >> reporter: president obama was in florida today scheduled to hold two campaign events but only keeping one. speaking to supporters in fort meyers the president talked about how tbraj ill life is. >> our time -- fragile life is. what matters at the end of the day is not the small thingses
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not the trivial things which so often consume us and our daily lives. ultimately it's how we choose to treat one another and love one another. >> our hats break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. >> reporter: mitt romney held an event in new hampshire where he called for americans to come together. >> i stand before you today, not as a man running for office. as a father and grand father, a husband, and american. this is a time for each of us to look in to our hearts, and remember how much we love one another. and how much we love and how much we care for our great country. >> reporter: the obama and romney campaigns have announced they will be pulling down political ads from the airways in colorado, out of respect for the victims, some of the souper packs might be doing that as well. you can see in the shot that
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the president ordered all flags flown at half staff. thank you for the report. over to rosey. hello, i'm roosevelt leftwich, coming up, a better pick chew picture as police arrived on the scene of deadly rampage in colorado. hear what police are saying. new information about the victims injured and killed in the shooting. those stories and more at 6:00. now a preview of what say head on world news at 6:30.
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a new trick is on the rise. karen tells us what to look for and how to avoid getting snagged. >> reporter: most of us avoid clicking on links and shady looking emails, fishing attempts to gather personal information or install malware. another trick growing in popularity, one that web users may not think about. searching for news on a hot topic like celebrity gossip, a new gadget or a major world event or something as mundane as a recipe, be careful where you click. that search result could be a tainted link. >> people are aware they should be careful when they are in the email what they click on. the same level needs to be there when you are in a search
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engine. >> reporter: many companies and entities spend time and money pinpointing how to get their site to the top of a list of search results. that's called search engine optimizing. the major search engines are on the lookout for it. to keep your computer safe, keep your searchs to trusted sites when looking for news on a favorite celebrity for example, stick to the established entertainment sites. avoid web address endings to don't look familiar that could spell trouble and always keep t up to date. directv and viacom reached a deal to restore 17 viacom channels for customers of the cable provider. the companies were feuding over fees which resulted in a ten day blackout of viacom channels for directv subscribers. directv claims viacom was asking for an extra billion
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dollars. the company says it was a couple of pennies a day per subscriber but they didn't share the terms of the new deal. gas prices jumped $0.11 since the start of july and could get worse gasoline futures prices are up $0.40 since the end of june, that means drivers could see a nickel or dime hike in just the next few weeks. nearly 200 dogs rescued from a house we are told all living in filth. that story coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. baltimore police are beefing up patrols in local movie theaters. that story is coming up. baltimore how police are beefing up patrols in local


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